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About my Muse – Fashion project



Identity – Inspired by Claude Cahun’s study of the neutral identity, among others. I present portraits by sets of mirrors, inclusions and superimpositions. The images are materials to compose the photograph. This approach includes work with models and self-portraits staged. The body that forms condemns itself to cracking to reform into pieces of itself.
Project in progress



Memories – Intuitive shooting weaving the thread of a creative reporting. These images seem to show a ritual, a race that can be repeated in a disturbing bradycardia. The bodies, ghostly, could embody the fantasy of a escape. By imaging memory in a state between awakening and sleep, I explore the unconscious as the memory that creates the disorder. Who are they?



Studio order – Working for you is a dialogue between your desires and my imagination. A moment of listening and creation.



POP – series of metaphors in playfulness and humor.

Closed project



Fusion project



Wedding – Capture an event differently. Navigate and collect those seconds that you will never forget now.